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coming this summer

The Los Angeles Subject: Volume One

Where Art Creates Allies

Haley Nealson is a gifted art student who is blissfully unaware of the fact that her bland and colorless world is a direct effect of the way minorities have been completely segregated to The Soots, a dark and pollution coated town above Ground Level of Los Angeles. When Haley begins to hit a rut in her art, her professor tasks her with visiting The Soots in an effort to help her find a more vibrant art style. But when Haley meets Dom, a spirited and intrepid Soot woman, she begins to learn that her privilege has caused her to lose sight of everything that brings color to the world. Now Haley must learn to use her privilege to uplift those who are  harmed and forgotten by Ground Level, as she hopes to use her art to bring about positive change for the disenfranchised people around her.

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