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Fire Sphere is Getting an Overhaul!

Back in 2017 we took a chance and worked countless hours to release our first ever graphic novel. People were so supportive at conventions, and it felt amazing to have multiple customers ask when the next volume would be available. 

Years have gone by and our small business has now started four different graphic novel series! With the development of those series came a more refined version of our art style, as well as deeper storylines. 

Looking back, we still adore our little Fire Sphere Volume One, but it is time to let that series grow along with our more recent ones.

Fire Sphere is getting completely redrawn and rewritten! We believe this is the right decision for our business and for our series. The characters will still be the characters you already know and love, and the main story will remain, but we will be implementing the updated art and plot outlines we have been planning. We can't wait to see what all of you think of it!

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