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Faust: Volume One

In this unique retelling of a centuries old story, the kindly heiress Faust sets out on a journey to help the people of her city. However, the insidious Mephistopheles has other plans. At the end of her rope, and with no hope in sight, Faust unknowingly pledges her soul to the cunning demon. Now she must decide whether there is a point in being a good person now that she is destined for Hell and eternal servitude. A portion of each book sale will go to the Pride and Joy Foundation. This nonprofit helps to decrease suicide in LGBTQ individuals.


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2022 Convention Schedule


September 17, 2022

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September 24-25, 2022

December 9-11, 2022



-Digital Art Commissions

-Graphic Design (logos, social media art, banners, t-shirt designs, website headers, etc)


-Cricut Maker Custom Goods (mugs, travel thermoses, dishware, tees, etc. Check YouTube for examples of what can be created with a Cricut)


-Custom Zines



Prices vary based on size, time needed to complete designs, and shipping. Contact us at for quotes.


At Fire Sphere Media, we believe that although the world has progressed further than most of us thought we would ever have a chance to see in our lifetimes, there is still a very long way to go. Racial and religious equality, LGBTQIA diversity, and a better understanding of disabilities and mental illness are all important aspects of life that we want to normalize in the work that we do.

Our hope is that everyone in the world who has ever felt like an outcast will feel like they are loved and accepted when they read our books or work with us. The primary focus of our work is to show the world that it is our character that defines us, not our gender, orientation, religion, or race. When you experience our work, you will realize that you are never truly alone.


In our upcoming books, Faust and The Los Angeles Subject, we are putting our money where our mouths are. In Faust, we are taking a deeper look at the spiritual side of LGBTQIA prejudice by gender-swapping the well-known character of Faust and allowing the story to be told through a woman’s perspective. Since the Gates of Heaven are forever closed to Faust, she finds herself giving in to temptation at times and making mistakes, since there is no point in being good if God has already decided that she is not worth saving. However, her deep and pure love for the innocent Marguerite is so beautiful and so good that even Mephistopheles cannot consider it sinful. Her love of her same-sex partner is, in fact, a large part of the reason Faust begins to stop living her current sinful lifestyle and learns that she can be good for good’s sake and not for an eternal reward.

In The Los Angeles Subject, we are looking more at prejudice through social commentary, rather than spiritual commentary that is told in the form of a dieselpunk narrative about the systemic side of social prejudices. The main character, Haley, is a typical white girl who begins to realize that having desirable and undesirable people physically kept apart from one another is only making society’s problems worse, and that it is her job as a privileged person who learn about the roots of systemic oppression so she can begin to incite change in the hearts of people who turn a blind eye to it. 


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