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Standing in prodigious Gothic splendor, the cathedral of Notre Dame is the very breath of Paris. She holds the city's deepest secrets, hopes, and regrets, and is the very life force of France. Within her hallowed walls, Frollo desperately prays in bitter agony for temptation to be kept far from him. Meanwhile, his attempts prove increasingly futile as he is forced to take in an abandoned and deformed Quasimodo, fund his brother's debauched habits, and as the beautiful wanderer, Esmeralda, takes a strong grip on his morality.

This is the cover of Volume One of The Hunchback of Notre Dame from Kara Ballenger and Mads Cherluck from Fire Sphere Dezigns. We are retelling this classic and beautiful tale, as it has been seen through our own perspective. The visual media of comic books will bring the joys, despairs, rage, and allure of Victor Hugo's novel in a way that few other media can.

Available December 2020.

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